miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Second Language

01.Autumn Grieve   The Calling
02.Enderby's Room - Tiptoe
03.Colleen - 11 - The Weighing Of The Heart
04.Glen Johnson  - L'abandon
05.lf Arnalds - g Umvef Hjarta Mitt
06.brave timbers-All the Things You Couldn't Say
08.Haruko - We'll Be Birds
10.Piano Magic - Judas
11.ghostwriter-Even Solemnity in the Instruments (Farina's Translation Machine)
12.Colleen - Breaking Up the Earth (The Home Current Remix)
13.littlebow-As Soon As Dawn With Her Rose Tinted Hands Had Lit the East
14.Directorsound - Nocturne for Grace
15.Plinth - Sirens
16.Klima - In My Room
17.July Skies - Birds Fly South For Winter (II)
18.Our Broken Garden - Share
19.Glen Johnson  'Kurelek'
20.Sherwood  Pinch - Different Eyes
21.Robin Saville - Bryophyte Society Annual Picnic
22.Pete Astor  TREE OF BIRDS
23.Piano Magic - Disaffected
24.Richard Moult - Song For Mourie
25.Mark Fry - River Kings
26.Ghostwriter - A Man's Head (Waltz for George Simenon)
27.Sharron Kraus   Rowan
28.Silver Servants feat. Glen Johnson - A Crow Will Remember Your Face
29.Memory Drawings - Chinese history of colden water
30.Twincities - Gentle Melody

Style-Folk, psychedelic, electronic, ambient


Second Language

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