domingo, 3 de enero de 2016


01.Ancient Ocean-A Finite Life
02.Gem Trails-Aux Meadow
03.Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - what am i doing with my life
04.Skeletor And Me by Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk -sorry mickey
05.paw paw-Chromodrome
06.murals-Violet City Lantern
07.Night Manager - Pizza Pasta
08.advaeta-Come With Me
09.Turnip King-moon landing
10.Campfires - Fortune Teller
11.Woodsman &Tjutjuna -Songer Dance
12.erasears-By Your Side
13.tether-Future Museums
14.Human Resources -donna
15.curtin-Big Blue Crown
16.Flower Orgy -boneyard
18.Heaven's Gate-salome
19.Dead Gaze --Take Me Home or I Die Alone
20.earring-Black Chalk
21.woodsman-supernal radiophonics
22.Tjutjuna - Desert Song
23.Gem Trails -don't stress
24.isn't ours-RIP Yourself
25.Orchard Thief -Professional texture 1
26.erasears-Returning Home
27.paw paw-Temporalis
28.Katrina Stonehart-A One
29.Tjutjuna - The Swish
30.Woodsman - I Can't Move
31.the big ship-The Boathouse Story
32.UNDER - Comme Bacck (Can Not)

Style-Psychedelic rock , folk, electronics, space rock


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