domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015


01.Fenton - Pup Is Seeing Now
02.Will Samson - Friends
03.Filfla - Epic
04.The World On Higher Downs - Euclid
05.Miko   Kingdom
06.FS Blumm & Nils Frahm   Ten
07.Fonica - Twang
08.will samson - find me in the ocean
09.Kazumasa Hashimoto - Yupi
10-The Performers   The Swimmer
11.MeMo   Comfortable Courtyard
12.The World On Higher Downs - A Muted Street Song
13.Lullatone - Wake Up Wake Up
14.Sad Souls - Frightened, Happy
15.Takahiro Kido - Landscape With Snow
16.Sora - Revans
17.Gel- Aux chiens écrasés
18.Pola   Framboise
19.Rod Modell   Red Light
20.Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits-Newspaper

Style-Ambient, indietronic, glitch, classical,


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