martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015

Intr_version Records

01.aMute - Hit My Country
02.Avia Gardner   My Please
03.Encre - Dogma, Africana  Math Folk Two
04.Désormais  to say before going to sleep
05. The Beans-May 6th Expires
06.amute - landslips
07.Polmo Polpo - Kiss Me Again and Again
08.desormais - ruin her slowly
09.Palomino Falls-Bruise Colored Blue
10.Polmo Polpo-Dreaming (is Real)
11.Mitchell Akiyama - I Tride
12.Jetone - Heat Death
13.Tomas Jirku - Enthalpy
14.Deadbeat - Jaffa Dub (Queen B)
15.Tim Koch - Binoce
16.Herrmann  Kleine - Where Have You Been
17.Vitaminsforyou - Six O'Clock Whispers (Version)
18.Mitchell Akiyama   Force To Port
19.Loscil-The Grid
20.Ghislain Poirier - L'hiver Neige
21.Tim Hecker-Enima
22.Tony Boggs-Leave Me On The Snares
23.Avia Gardner-Urban Gravity

Style-Electronics, experimental, IDM, ambient, post rock


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