sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

Eastern Developments

01.Kopernik   Ondoyant et Divers
02.Ahmad Szabo - Blues For Never Seeing Her Again
03.Dabrye - Gimme lowlands
04 LebLaze -A part of her (feat ahmad szabo)
05.Hu Vibrational-Calling To The Water Goddess
06.Icy Demons  Bunny's
07.Kopernik - The Sea and the Marsh Are One
08.SOFT CIRCLE   Moon Oar Sunrise
09.Hu Vibrational -Transformation
10.ammoncontact - crusin'
11.Daedelus - Doorbell
12.Icy Demons - This Is It
13.Reminder   Dri
14.LEYODE   'Soft Or Gentle
15.Eliot Lipp - Gordo
16.The Exposures - Collage Of Digital Passion
17.LEYODE   Isabelle
18.Lori Scacco  Love's Journey

Style-Abstract hip hop, vanguard ,electronics

Eastern Developments

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