sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

Color Disc

1.La Sonorite Jeune-Osora
3.Eye See-Evenings
4.The Space Brothers-Sixteenth Avenue Atmosphere
5.Mystery Plane-Fractured
6.Modern Art-Death Wish
7.Lives of Angels-Artificial Inteligence II
8.The Duke of Disrespect-You Tell Lies ( banging away)
9.Timothy London and The Soho Sisters-Hold me Down
10.Wer7-Now Wash your Hands
11.Opera Multi Steel-Si C'est Ainsi
12.Modern Art-Fatal Crash Inmersed the Start
13.Lives of Angels-Pavillion
14.The Lord-Winds of Space
15.Cleaners fromVenus-Johnny the Moondog is Dead
16.Mystery Plane-Find Some Body
17.Modern Art-Golden Legend

Style-Minimal synth, after punk, experimental

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