miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

La Station Radar

1.Jeans Wilder-In my Dreams
2.Ela Orleans-Neverend
3.Heavy Hawaii-Philly Games
5.A Grave with Noname-Sofia
6.Dead Gaze-A Simple Man
8.Horsehair Everywere-Phantom Zone
9.Aaron Roche with R.Stevie Moore & Dan Burns-Cyclocardoray
10.Melted Toys-Rose Again
11.Johnny Hawaii- The Parrots are not what They seem (They just Pigeons on Acid)
12.Blessure Grave-Stranger in the House
13.Dead Gaze-Somewhere Else
14.Ela Orleans-Something Higher
15Dirty Beaches-Coast to Coast
16.Blanche Blanche Blanche-North Cave
18.The Garment District-Nature Nurture (Sonic Boom remix)
19.Holy Strays-Phrenesia
20.Wet Wings-Stockholm
21.Jen Paul-Wheel and  a Chime (Coyote Clean Up  dub)
22.Jeans Wilder-Don't want to Life Forever
23.Wet Hair-The Garden Room
24.Yves Son Ace-Unsung
25.Fausto Maijstral-Kensington, CA
26.Stephen Molyneux-To Divide Us

Style-Indie rock, psychedelic, lo-fi, experimental


La Station Radar

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