domingo, 18 de enero de 2015

Nevski compilation: Stranger in a New Land 2

1.HTRK-Blue Sunshine
2.Cupp Cave-White Out
4.Sleep & Over-Casual Diamond
5.Laurel Halo-Speed of Rain
6.Damian Valles-Bell and Arc
7.Forest Swords-Anneka's Battle
8.Olafur Arnalds-Only the Wind ( French remix)
9.Sun Glitters-Closer to the Sun
10.Cock & Swan-Melt Down
11.Invisible Path-The Levitating Mirror
12.David Lynch-Bad the John Boy
13.The Stranger-Providence of Fate
14.Douglas Dare-Lungful
15.Purity Ring-Amenamy ( John Hopkins remix)
16.Philip  Selway-Coming up for Air
17.The House in the Woods-Sunlight of Rusting Hulk
18.Sapphire Slows-As You Know
19.Benoit Sergio-Adjustements
20.Bass Clef-Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare
21.Perera Elsewhere-Bizarre (Kyson mix)
22.Ta Ku-We were in Love
23.Om Unit-The Silence feat.Jinadu
25.The Hundred in the Hands-Kepp it Low ( Andy Stott remix)
26.Throwing Shade-Mystic Places

Style-Electronic Pop, atmospheric, glitch,

Stranger in a New Land 2

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