jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

Rvng Int

1.Arp & Anthony Moore-Spinette
2.David Borden-Twilight Pacific
3.Sensations Fix-Dark Side of Religion
4.Julia Holter_This is Ekstasis
5.Julianna Barwick-Rejointer
6.David Borden-Just a Little Pollution
7.Blues Control & Laraaji-City of Love
8.Psychic Ills-I take You as my Wife again ( Gibby Haynes remix)
9.Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras meet The Congos-Thanks and Praise
10.Excepter-When You Call
12.Allez Allez-Seven Downsix Across
13.Betty Botox-Fist and Shout
14.HArald Grosskopf-So Weit, So Good
15.JD Twitch-Is it all over the Place
16.Lauer-Macsat Ring Down ( The Backwoods remix)
18.Jacques Renault-Bad Skinned
19.Holly Herndon-Fade
20.Psychic Ills-Mantis
21.Toof-Farewell to Wendo
22.Pink Skull-Fixin to Die
23.Holly Herndon-Movement
24.Purple Brain-The Purple Brain Theme
25.Arp & Anthony Moore-Wild Grass 1 for Arthur Russell


Style-Vanguard, electronic, techno

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